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  • Enviro Masters’ Tree & Shrub Care programs work to provide a stronger, healthier, and more beautiful landscape that you will enjoy for years to come!

    Important Nutrients

    Enviro Masters’ Tree & Shrub Care programs provide seasonal fertilizings. This includes special Pro-root injections and foliar treatments with concept fertilizer extracts to provide a balanced diet along with important micronutrients. This greatly enhances the growth, development, and yield, while producing a deeper, healthier root system.

    Spring Pro-Root Injection / Garden Feeding

    Bring your trees and shrubs to life! Non-burning concept fertilizers are power injected directly into the root zone for maximum effectiveness. These are some of the important benefits:

    • Brings out a luxurious foliage and enhances colour & vigor
    • Stimulates plant health to naturally fight off insects & diseases
    • Reduces chemical dependence
    • Increases leaf and branch thickness
    • Strengthens root systems
    • Brings flowers to life with great colour & growth
    • Provides a luscious paradise for your enjoyment

    Fall Pro-Root Injection / Garden Feeding

    • Prepares trees and shrubs for the winter by storing nutrients
    • Increases winter hardiness, therefore reducing winter kill
    • Increases plant health for a stronger winter recovery
    • Protects the investment of your landscape and property
    • Beautifies flowers


    • The removal of dead wood, crossed branches and improper growth reduces insect & disease infestations
    • Enviro Masters pruning & shaping adds a very professional look to any property
    • Structural control reduces chemical dependence and gives longer life to all trees
    • Regular maintenance ensures proper cutting techniques & pruning timelines for specific species. Certain trees and shrubs need to be pruned at a specific time in order to achieve greater flowering potential

    It’s a Great service!

    Enhance your landscapes beauty, colour, growth & flowering potential by contacting a location near you today!

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