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Exciting Enviro Masters Lawn Care®
Franchise Opportunities

A Revolutionary Lawn Care Franchise Experience

A New Approach to Lawn Care

Enviro Masters Lawn Care® Franchise owners benefit from comprehensive training, including detailed manuals and monthly updates, fostering a culture of growth through regular networking and team-building opportunities. This ensures seamless communication with peers and the central team.

Our turf specialists, with professional training and licenses, deliver expertise across all turf management aspects. Through routine visits, they provide valuable services, advice, and complimentary consultations, enhancing your lawn care journey.

Embrace this innovative approach to lawn care, whether as a franchise owner or a customer benefiting from our superior products and services.

Key Insights:

  • A U.S. Gallup poll indicates that 23% of Canadian households, about 23.2 million, plan to engage in professional lawn and landscape services.
  • Annually, $40 billion is spent on lawn and garden care.
  • ENVIRO MASTERS offers exhaustive training in turf management, sales, marketing, and business operations, pinpointing the most lucrative lawn care segments for focused efforts. Our developed marketing strategies are designed to quickly build a robust customer base.

Starting from home is an option, minimizing initial costs and offering flexibility to transition from part-time to full-time engagement based on your schedule.

Training and Support

Discover our TRAINING program and SUPPORT system, distinguishing our franchisees' success rate higher than that of independent ventures. We provide thorough business and environmental training, covering:

  1. Product Knowledge
  2. Office Systems (order processing, sales, scheduling, inventory, payroll, etc.)
  3. Equipment (purchase, lease, setup, maintenance)
  4. Field Training (on-site applications, turf management, estimating, problem-solving)
  5. Ongoing Support (troubleshooting, goal setting)
  6. Marketing (a variety of strategies for solid customer base development)

Embrace a proven path to success with ENVIRO MASTERS' franchised business model.

If further adjustments are needed or you have additional requirements, please let me know how I can assist further!

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