About Enviro Masters Lawn Care®

Environmentally Friendly Solutions

Founded in 1987 by Martin Fielding, Enviro Masters Lawn Care® started as a humble local enterprise in Caledon East, Ontario. Today, it is a leading lawn care company with a strong presence across Canada, driven by the growing demand for earth-friendly lawn care services. At the heart of Enviro Masters is our commitment to environmentally considerate lawn programs. These custom-tailored solutions not only ensure vibrant, longer-lasting green lawns but also guarantee remarkable results that align with our mission to foster a healthier, more natural environment for families.

The success of Enviro Masters Lawn Care® and the widespread adoption of our green approach have fueled our expansion through franchising, allowing us to offer personalized services nationwide. Our franchise model ensures that each territory benefits from the direct involvement and care of a business owner, enhancing the customer experience and reinforcing our dedication to environmental stewardship.


What Makes Us Different

With over a 37 years of dedication, Enviro Masters Lawn Care® has been at the forefront of environmentally considerate lawn care. Our unique approach fosters a chemical-free, naturally thriving outdoor space for communities to cherish. Through intelligent, tailored programs, we address each lawn's individual requirements based on soil composition, weed presence, and grass type, ensuring a bespoke care plan that promotes a healthier ecosystem right from the soil up.

Our foundation lies in revitalizing the soil—enhancing microbial activity to foster a robust, self-sustaining lawn ecosystem free from chemical reliance. Leveraging cutting-edge turfgrass management techniques, previously exclusive to golf courses, we bring superior lawn care technology to your doorstep. Our soil-customized lawn programs, devoid of pesticides, embody the pinnacle of safe, natural lawn care, guaranteeing a healthier environment for families to enjoy.

Enviro Masters Lawn Care® champions a greener future with customized care, pioneering technology, and a commitment to natural well-being. Join us in redefining lawn care, focusing on sustainability and personal service.

5 Star Review

Enviro Masters has done a great job for us over the last few years and I'm glad to see they have the Mosquito Control program now.

Barry Black
Kawartha Lakes, ON
5 Star Review

Did a great job with my lawn. Technicians are very knowledgeable and do a great job

Tara Philip
Kawartha Lakes, ON
5 Star Review

Bronze package with additional slit seeding added life to my lawn last year. Have signed up again.

Christine McMahon
Kawartha Lakes, ON