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    Yes, we offer a spring yard clean up! This is what you will receive when you book this service:

    1. We power sweep the first 10 feet of grass near the roadway where all the salt and sand has accumulated over the winter. This will prevent the salt from killing the grass as it dissolves over the season. This also reduces the salinity levels in the soil, which will help improve grass growth in this normally stressed area. We will not sweep the gravel off the road as the city already does this in the spring.

    2. We Power Dethatch the entire lawn to reduce any thatch buildup and remove the old dead grass from the winter. This machine uses a vertical flail reel not a lawn mower attachment, which ensures that the grass is not stripped at the crown of the grass plant. Thatch is the zone in the lawn where many harmful insects reside (such as chinch bug) and where many of the turfgrass diseases (such as fungus) develop.

    3. The last step is to rake up the dead grass and thatch. It is placed in garbage bags and removed from the property.

    This service may differ in some areas across Canada. Consult with your nearest location.

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