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  • Enviro Considerate / IPM PLUS programs are used to deal with insect, weed or disease infestation. These programs involve the coordinated use of pest and environmental information to prevent unacceptable levels of pest damage while using environmentally sound methods. Only products approved through the Ministry of the Environment are used.

    Regular monitoring by Enviro Masters professionals will determine if and when special treatments are required. We believe in a healthy lawn from the soil up, and utilize a variety of cultural, biological, physical, mechanical, educational and genetic tactics to minimize or reduce pesticides. Regular visits and program modification are a necessary feature for the success of these programs.

    Thatch Reduction

    This is a key component to reducing insecticides. Thatch is a layer of dead roots and grasses where many insects tend to live, nest and multiply. When we reduce this habitat we reduce the level of destructive insects.

    EnviroNatural Weed Control

    Weed seeds are constantly in the air, blowing around and landing in your lawn. A healthy, lush lawn can crowd out weed seeds and block them from germinating. Various Enviro Masters products and programs are utilized in order to effectively crowd out and control weeds.

    The IPM PLUS group of programs are customized designed to meet the requirements and specific needs of your lawn. They also incorporate the use of our very best Organic fertilizer blends.

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    *Fertilizer blends may vary depending on the nutrient requirements in your specific area.

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