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  • As the name suggests, biostimulants stimulate growth. They help the plants help themselves and have a profound effect on turf grasses in many ways. These are by far the best Organic nutrients that you can add to your lawn. They contain the whole spectrum of micronutrients and do not contain large amounts of N-P-K.

    The proper types of biostimulants must be used to receive the full impact of using this product. For example, seaweed extracts must come from a confidential variety known to increase anti-oxidant activity in plants, thus retarding the loss of protein and chlorophyll. The stabilization of chlorophyll results in darker greener grass leaves

    Biostimulants are an increasingly important strategy in chemical-free turfgrass management. They are available in many Enviro Masters programs, and benefit turfgrass in many ways, including:

    • Unlocks nutrients stored in the soil making them more readily available to the grass
    • Used by many golf course managers
    • Increases nitrogen assimilation for extended greening & superior colour
    • Improves root development for a thicker turf
    • Helps the lawn recover from dry summer drought conditions
    • Increases plant health to fight off insects and diseases

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