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    bioaerificationBetter than Aeration… BioAerification is a specialized combination of biostimulants and core/plug aerification that is not offered anywhere else. The first step of the procedure puts thousands of small holes in your lawn, loosening the soil to allow easy intake of water and fertilizers.

    Next, biostimulants are injected into the holes, bringing the lawn to life like you’ve never seen before! This fills in any thin or bare spots, thickens the turf, and starts the process of eliminating chemicals through turf synergy.

    What Are the Benefits of BioAerification?

    • Allows water & fertilizer to penetrate the root zone easily
    • Reduces soil compaction
    • Reduces chemical dependence
    • Improves soil air flow & water retention
    • Reduces thatch build up, where destructive insects live
    • Reduces water runoff & puddling
    • Produces stronger roots
    • Reduces heat & drought stress for a more beautiful and enjoyable lawn

    The best time to BioAerate your lawn is in the fall. If done in the spring, an early heat can dry out the roots.

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