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  • Introducing...ENVIRO MASTERS Lawn Care

    ...a company proudly specializing in Organic & Environmentally Considerate Lawn Care programs

    aboutEnviro Masters was started in 1987 by Martin Fielding.The company began as a small local business in Caledon East, Ontario, and has grown into a thriving lawn care company with locations across Canada.

    Enviro Masters' expansion is primarily due to the need for a more Earth Friendly Lawn Care service. The company is meeting the needs and demands of environmentally conscious people seeking an alternative to traditional lawn care.

    Enviro Masters offers specially designed, custom Organic & Enviro Considerate programs. These programs provide excellent and extended greening with guaranteed results that are truly amazing.

    Enviro Masters provides a more natural environment for you and your family!

    The Enviro Masters' concept is rapidly expanding, through franchising, to offer people a more personal service. Customers would rather deal directly with the owner of a business, and Franchising brings an owner right to every territory.

    Enviro Masters Franchising:

    540 Aldershot Dr
    Oshawa Ontario

    email: lawnmastersservicesltd@gmail.com

    Franchisees receive extensive training and support, including manuals and monthly emails. Regular networking and team building sessions make for a great long term growth environment. This provides for open communication with other Franchisees and head office.

    Our Turf specialists are professionally trained and licensed to provide expertise in all areas of turf management. Regular visits are made to each property to offer you a variety of great beneficial services, advice and Free consultations. Locations >

    Be part of a Great new approach to lawn care as a Franchise Owner or as a customer receiving our outstanding Products or Services.

    For over 25 years, Enviro Masters has proudly specialized in Organic & Enviro Considerate programs for communities everywhere! Enviro Masters offers a very different approach and a more natural environment for all to enjoy. We offer an intelligent way to have a chemical-free lawn.

    Enviro Masters takes great pride in customizing programs according to the soil, weed, and grass types, providing each lawn with its specific needs.

    From the ground up!
    We start with the foundation for every great healthy lawn, the soil. Enviro Masters specially developed programs increase and regenerate the microbial activity in the soil. This is the first step to a long-term healthy lawn, that is able to stand alone, free of chemical dependence.

    Enviro Masters is always on the cutting edge of turfgrass management bringing golf course technology right to your own lawn.

    Tried and True...Our EnviroNatural programs with pesticide-free alternatives provide a more natural environment for you and your family, and the very best in lawn care today!