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  • Turf Tip of the Month – September

  • Fall is the best time of the year to think about getting your lawn Aerated!!

    The soil in your lawn gets compacted down more and more each year because of heavy foot traffic and lawn cutting. Ideally, you should turn over and cultivate the soil like you do with your gardens each year. Because the grass is on top of the soil we cannot get under to turn it over, so this is where Aerating solves this problem.

    If you Aerate professionally, with the proper Aerating machine, you will be taking out a core the size of your finger every 6 – 8 inches. This leaves thousands of vacant air spaces that allow the soil around them to move into the area and fill in this empty space. The end result is your entire lawn becomes less compacted and loose allowing Water and Fertilizers to penetrate to the root system much easier. The grass roots will be able to expand in the loose soil, producing a thicker healthier top growth.

    Lawn Aerating also helps break up a heavy thatch layer. Thatch is the layer of dead roots and grass build up that creates a mat over the lawn. Thatch also provides a perfect breeding area for Insects and Diseases and needs to be controlled to reduce problems.

    A few points to remember about Aerating:

    1. Golf courses Aerate once or twice per year. Residential lawns should be Aerated once per year.
    2. Aeration reduces water and rain runoff.
    3. Aeration results in a deeper, stronger root system that enhances the lawn’s ability to maintain itself during hot dry conditions.
    4. Lawn Aeration and dethatching are some of the most beneficial cultural practices you can do for your lawn.

    When was the last time you had your lawn Aerated or Dethatched?

    Please contact your local Enviro Masters specialist for a price on Aeration this Fall and Dethatching for the spring.

    Do you know these important facts?

    A healthy lawn absorbs rainfall 4 – 6 times more effectively than farm fields. Lawns return the water back to the table where it can again be used by everyone.

    Grass is one of nature’s best purifiers. Collected water samples are usually cleaner than the governments requirements for drinking water.