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  • Turf Tip of the Month – May

  • Help set a new, more environmentally considerate standard and inspire others to join you.

    The fundamentals are simple:

    1. Plant the right types of grasses for your geographical area and property.

    2. Let your grass grow taller, 2″ – 3″

    3. Mow and water properly.

    4. Maintain a good Organic Based Fertilizing and Maintenance program with the proper cultural practices on a regular basis during the growing season.

    May is the time to add organic and extra nutrients to your lawn, before the hot dry season approaches.

    When was the last time you added ORGANIC or EXTRA nutrients to the existing soil in your lawn??

    Call your Enviro Masters Turf specialist for a recommendation on our Organic Based Soil Conditioners and Soil Amendments.

    Enviro Masters offers many levels of weed control. Our customers are receiving our most environmentally considerate applications. These programs are designed to provide a more natural environment for you and your family and the very best in today’s technology and products.

    Please remember, you may notice a few weeds from time to time. Take this as a healthy sign that you are on the right program, and if you feel that there are more weeds than you would like, just call us and we will gladly touch them up for you. We can also move you up to a higher level of weed control.

    The old way of thinking of having a totally weed free lawn is not the way to go. We need to learn to live with a few weeds here and there and to enjoy a healthy lawn and environment.

    Help us to help you! As your personal lawn care company we are working together with you to achieve the best possible results. Weeds that are left in your garden will produce thousands of seeds at various times during the season. If left to mature, these seeds will spread by the wind throughout your garden and out into your lawn.

    You can eliminate this from happening and help reduce unnecessary applications by simply pulling them out. Weeds easily pop out the next day after a rain or garden watering, when the soil has become moist. A knife or weed popper works best.

    Think of this as a great bending and stretching exercise, and a time to get close to your garden and enjoy what it has to offer. Saturday morning or any evening over a cup of coffee or tea does wonders for the soul!

    Please remember to mow your lawn at the height of 2 inches to 3 inches, this will help protect the roots and the soil from drying out. Higher cutting helps to crowd out weeds naturally. Longer grass can reduce weeds by as much as 50%, and you should never cut more than 1/3 of the grass blade at any one mowing.

    Peace and Quiet
    Lawns are surprisingly good noise insulators. They absorb sound with about the same efficiency as a heavy carpet, reducing noise levels by 20% to 30%.

    Please contact your local Franchise for this years SPRING SPECIALS.