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  • Turf Tip of the Month – July


    Chinch Bugs
    Although Chinch Bugs start to spread in June, they may not come out until July. This is the time of year when you will begin to notice some damage in the way of brown spots.

    Often these damaged areas look like dryness and can easily fool you because these insects are very small.

    When left untreated, the insects will multiply and continue to eat away at your lawn.

    Please contact us right away if you notice any brown patches.

    You might want to consider a Grub control this month if:
    1. You notice grubs in your lawn (a white worm about 3/4 inches long ) or
    2. You have seen a lot of June Bugs flying around (a big brown beetle ) which is the adult stage of grubs.

    Enviro Masters now has a new product that acts as a preventative, is environmentally sensitive, and provides control for the entire season with only one application. This new product controls up to 97% of the Grubs compared to other products that are only 30 – 40% effective.

    Please book this early as we can only apply it at a certain time.

    Sod Web Worm
    If you are walking through your lawn and notice white moths flying up, you could have a web worm problem. These moths fly and deposit eggs over the lawn. When the eggs hatch the Web Worm starts to grow and feeds on the grass causing damage to the area.

    Please call us if you notice these moths, and we will stop by to take a look.

    Turf Diseases
    This is the time of year when various Turf Diseases can start to mature and spread. High moisture and humidity levels will help to increase their growth.

    Turf related diseases can attack any lawn, so please check the grass blades for spots, lesions or any discoloration’s marks. This could be a Turf Disease in it’s infinite stage.

    There many different types of diseases that can effect your lawn’s growth during the summer months.

    * Please do not hesitate to contact your Enviro Masters lawn care specialist for an inspection and recommendation to correct any problem you might be having.

    Did You Know?
    Grass cools naturally. In fact, just eight averaged-sized lawns have the cooling effect of about 70 tones of air conditioning. (The average household central air conditioning unit produces only about three tones.)

    For more information on Insects and Diseases that can affect your lawn, please see our Insects & Diseases page.

    Have a great summer !!