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  • Turf Tip of the Month – August

  • Crab Grass Alert!!
    Please be on the lookout for a thicker-bladed light green colored grass that is usually found along the edges of the driveway or roadway. You might also find it in areas of thin grass or in any bare spots. This plant is often mistaken for a weed, but it is a type of grass called Crab Grass. These Crab Grass plants are a threat to your entire lawn because they produce thousands of seeds that crowd out desired grass types. Just one plant produces over 1500 seeds. Multiply this by the number of plants and you can see why Crab Grass can spread very quickly.

    If you notice any suspicious looking areas please contact us immediately.

    Dormant Grass
    In most areas, we are experiencing the usual hot dry conditions. Turf grass will start to go dormant and turn brown if it is not watered enough. Once the grass has gone brown, it is very hard on the grass to try to bring it out of dormancy and better to leave it for now. To keep a green lawn you have to keep it watered before it goes brown.

    Thin Turf ?
    Have you noticed thin Turf areas under Cedar trees, Pine trees, or any other low branch trees? Trying to get grass to grow in these types of areas is next to impossible because of root competition, heavy shade and acidic soil from falling needles. Areas under hedges and low growing trees will never be thick and green so try to realize this and turn them into non grass areas.

    A good way to make non-turf areas look appealing to the eye is to use ground covers, cedar mulches or small stones finished off with a nice curved edging.

    Be sure to put down a landscape fabric first to block out any weed growth later on. These areas will then look landscaped rather than poorly maintained and neglected turf areas.

    As always, your Enviro Masters Turf Specialist will be happy to access the site and help recommend a suitable solution.

    ** Please note: We have noticed a lot of Chinch Bugs around this month, mainly in central Canada. If you notice any brown spots suddenly appearing, please call us right away. **

    Did You Know ?
    A well maintained lawn removes pollutants from the air!; prevents water and wind erosion and the loss of precious top soil; reduces allergens and the likelihood of insect bites and stings; and acts as a cushioned surface for outdoor activity and sports.

    Enjoy your lawn and its good value.

    For more information on Insects and Diseases that can affect your lawn, please see our Insects & Diseases page.

    Have a great summer !!