• Providing homeowners across Canada with beautiful worry free lawns!
    Specially designed customized programs to suit every need!
    The Greenest lawn in Canada!
  • The success rate with a franchised business has proved consistently greater than an independent business. The reason being, franchisors have gone the route, made mistakes then eliminated them. Also, franchisors take the time to train franchisees in all aspects of the business.

    At Enviro Masters we give you thorough business and environmental training.

    Here’s what we cover:

    1. Product Knowledge

    2. Office Systems
    Order Taking
    Service Records
    Sales Techniques
    Public relations
    Inventory Control
    Tracking receivables & payables
    Information recall

    3. Equipment
    Purchase versus lease
    Ongoing maintenance

    4. Field Training
    On-site applications (in season)
    Implementation of our Turf Management Program
    Estimating / Pricing
    Problem Solving
    Lawn Analysis
    Insects, diseases, soil problems, etc.

    5. Ongoing Support
    We’ll support and assist you, help you with trouble-shooting and setting objectives.

    6. Marketing
    We have developed a marketing program involving several different strategies that have been designed to produce a solid customer base.

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