• Enviro Masters Lawn Care offers a variety of lawn improvement services for residential, acreage, municipal and commercial customers; no yard or lawn area is too big or too small.  Contact us for your free quote today!

  • Full Season Lawn Care Packages

    *price varies on lawn size

    Every Full Season Lawn Care Packages begins with complete weed control and fertilizing:

    • Spring weed control application and a spring fertilizer application promoting strong plant development
    • Summer lawn check and spot treatment for weeds and a mid season fertilizer application
    • Fall weed control application and a fall fertilizer application promoting strong root growth

    Our granular fertilizer has slow release nitrogen, and will break down over the course of 6-8 weeks to ensure your grass has the necessary supply of nitrogen. Enviro Masters custom blended fertilizer includes 25% organic matter, this organic matter helps the soil reach a proper balance.

    Our professional staff will ensure that your lawn remains weed free. We use a broadleaf herbicide that will control the growth of active weeds. Once the weed control dries, it is safe for both kids and animals. It also will not be affected by any rainfall after it has dried. (2 to 3 hours after application)

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  • Locally Owned and Operated

    I am Colin Richards, owner/operator of Enviro Masters serving Central Alberta for 15 years, 8 with myself at the helm.

    I was born and raised in the Red Deer area, growing up on my family's farm that has been in existence for 135 years, still at the same location. I spent a number of my adult years on the farm, and learned that the most important things are working hard and making things grow. Here in Central Alberta we have a short number of months to truly take in, and enjoy all the landscape can offer, and we want you to get the most out of your property.

    I'm the father of 2 boys, and along with my wife Alicia and her 2 girls, we want to keep making Enviro Masters a business that strives to work hard, and do our best to make your property one you can be proud of.

  • Additional Services

    In addition to our full Lawn Care Packages, Enviro Masters offers a variety of addition lawn care services customized to your lawns need’s including:

    Pesticide Free Program
    Lowest possible carbon footprint while still establishing a great lawn!
    Proudly offering Enviro Masters customized ENVIRO considerate fertilizer PLUS our new Pesticide Free weed control!
    1. Spring Fertilizing
    2. Spring Weed Control
    3. Weed Control 3 weeks after first application
    4. Kelp extracts application. Stress tolerance is critical, and biostimulants such as kelp increases antioxidant levels to develop a better defense system.
    5. Late Summer Weed Control
    6. Fall Fertilizing
    From $285.00.

    Dethatch/Power Rake
    Clearing out an abundance of thatch allows your turf more sunlight, water, air and helps create a healthier lawn. From $120.

    Core Aeration
    Hard dry soil makes uptake of moisture and nutrients difficult. Aeration will dramatically aid in getting your lawn off to a quick start. From $65.

    Full season fertilizer and weed control program for $295/acre.

  • Free Consultations, Advice & Lawn Analysis