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  • This method, which uses specially designed equipment, has proved effective is an effective in reducing thatch problems. Thatch management is one of the most important things you can do to minimize the chemical dependence of any lawn.

    Why Power Dethatch?

    • Thatch is a layer of dead roots and grass clippings that create a breeding ground for many destructive turf insects.
    • When we reduce the thatch levels, we reduce the breeding areas for insects.
    • A half-inch or more of thatch blocks out light, air, water & fertilizers from reaching the root zone.
    • Water & fertilizers are wasted when they don’t reach the roots.
    • Thatch can suffocate your lawn, therefore preventing important oxygen from reaching the roots.
    • Thatch levels always get worse over time.

    The Enviro Masters soil Probe is used by our turf specialists to properly measure thatch levels within your soil.

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