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  • New dry lawn research from Enviro Masters Lawn Care

  • The latest updated Enviro Masters research on dry / dormant lawns is that turfgrass doesn’t need frequent watering. In fact, frequent watering is not beneficial, and can lead to a dryer lawn in the hot summer times.
    Lawns should only be watered 1 day a week at 1 inch of water. If you get watering restrictions mixed with summer hot days, then lawns watered frequently or daily, will go brown much easier than your once a week watered lawns. Once a week watered lawns are much better off because of the deeper watering causing roots to dig down lower in the soil.
    Keeping grasses taller in the summer will also help keep grasses greener longer.
    When lawns do go brown, remember that turf can survive 7-9 weeks of drought before experiencing dieback. This is one of the reasons we use turfgrasses around our properties rather than other plants.
    To tell if grasses are dead, pull on the grass, and if roots hold tight, then the grass is still alive.
    Remember that it can take up to a month for the grass to revitalize and green up after a drought. Avoid walking or playing on dormant lawns.

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