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    Our EnviroNatural programs are becoming the most widely sought after turf management programs across the country. The demand for these programs has led to the opening of more than 50 locations from coast to coast. Enviro Masters brings its knowledge and expertise to the forefront of the environment for homeowners everywhere!

    • Great results
    • Superior colour
    • Extended greening and turf performance
    • Thicker richer appearance

    How Do They Work?

    Our successful EnviroNatural programs are based around providing educational and cultural tips, as well as strategies to enhance natural processes. This development provides a healthy lawn for years to come. Using products not found in other programs, EnviroNatural programs centre on the soil to create a natural balance and a healthy foundation.

    Soil Enhancement

    Our Organic additives maintain a uniform nutrient balance that is essential in the prevention of destructive diseases and controlling of insect populations. Laboratory tests are often required to determine soil deficiencies.

    Enviro Analysis

    Our trained turf managers provide a free lawn analysis to determine any deficiencies in the soil. They check for problem grasses, weeds, insects, diseases, and environmental conditions.

    EnviroNatural Compost

    “A Great product for many reasons”
    This application of the compost increases the Organic matter in the soil & adds essential nutrients. EnviroNatural compost also increases nutrient holding capacity, maximizing plant nutrient uptake. Nutrients are held at the root zone much longer than normal, and available to be utilized by the plant. This application also acts as a food source for increased microbial activity.

    Specialty Applications

    These include a variety of natural, biological or enviro considerate weed and insect controls that are implemented using environmentally sound cultural practices.


    This contains a whole spectrum of micronutrients that are important for great turf conditions and drought recovery.


    This specialized combination of biostimulants and core/plugging aerification is not offered anywhere else. First, the procedure puts thousands of small holes in your lawn, loosening the soil to allow easy intake of water and fertilizers. Next, an injection of biostimulants penetrates into the holes and brings your lawn to life like you’ve never seen before. This fills in any bare spots, thickens the turf, and starts the process of eliminating chemicals.

    VetiPlanting Turfgrass Regeneration

    Newly developed seed cultivars need to be introduced regularly to your lawn because old lawns contain out-of-date grass types. These new grasses have a higher resistance to new diseases. They also contain natural insect repellents, a must for the environment.

    Vertiplanting plants new grass seed into the soil to ensure a higher germination rate, bringing your lawn up to date.


    This naturally occurring fertilizer is safe for children and pets. It is vitally important for increasing root mass; nitrogen assimilation, and; stronger, earlier tillering. The Organic release provides a more robust, healthier plant with greener broader leaves that are more tolerant to environmental stresses including heat and cold stress. (This product is a great winterizer)

    These are the important breakthrough technologies that Enviro Masters can bring to your lawn and to the forefront of today’s environmental concerns. Our cutting edge technology is also the reason thousands of customers come back year after year.

    Contact your local Enviro Masters location for your free in-depth lawn analysis and price quote. One of our highly qualified Turf Specialists will provide the necessary recommendations to correct any problems you might have. We will recommend the best program for your needs.

    *Fertilizer/Product blends may vary depending on the nutrient requirements for your specific area.

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