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    The Greenest lawn in Canada!
  • Bring Your Lawn To Life!

    This all NEW pelletized compost is breakthrough technology for lawns with poor soil and brings all the nutrients of a great compost.

    • programsNo weed or crabgrass seeds that might be found in topsoils.
    • No bad smell or mess to track into the house.
    • Enhances grass seed germination by holding moisture.
    • Generates a thick rich lawn & holds moisture.
    • Great for dry sandy soils or dry/drought areas.
    • Easy spread ability for a thorough application.

    This application quickly increases the Organic matter in the soil and adds important nutrients. EnviroNatural compost increases nutrient holding capacity and maximizes plant nutrient uptake. Nutrients are held at the root zone longer than normal, and are therefore available to be utilized by the plant. This application also acts as a food source for increased microbial activity.

    Great for your lawn!

    Enhance the beauty of your lawn and property by contacting an Enviro Masters location near you today!

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