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  • -Greenest Lawn In Canada Award

    Highly qualified turf specialists travel the country searching for the GREENEST of all lawns. They look for and measure the chlorophyll, colour, density, growth, root composition, root thickness, hardiness and overall appearance.

    Enviro Masters Organic products and programs are among the best in the world and produce the thickest richest grass anywhere. Enviro Masters programs start with the soil and increase the microbial activity in all soils. This method produces the thickest, richest lawn possible.

    Past Winners of the prestigious greenest Lawn In Canada Award!

    -Toby and Edward Ramsden of Edmonton, AB

    -Marcel Lafleche of Ottawa, ON

    -Steve Day of London, ON

    -Rob Ford of Sherwood Park, AB

    Lawns under their professional care were the thickest, greenest lawns in the country! This dedicated turf management professional team takes great pride in their craft.

    Congratulations Enviro Masters!